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Webinar Wednesday 04/20/2016!

Algebra Modelling Part II

The final Modspar Webinar for the 2015-2016 school year is scheduled for Wednesday April 20th, 2016 at 8:00pm.  Tomorrow the presentation will be facilitated by Greg Foley and Steve Phelps.

You did not have to attend Algebra Modelling Part I to participate!

 The link for tomorrow evening’s webinar is:


Hope to “see” you there!

ATC Summer Institutes

The ATC program offered two types of summer professional development institutes in summer 2015: QUANT and Modspar.  The QUANT program will not be offered at Ohio University during summer 2016.  However, two Modspar programs will be offered at Ohio University in 2016:

Pre-registration will open soon.  Check here for registration links and information.

Here’s what past ATC scholars have said:
  • “I enjoyed becoming more comfortable with the technology.”
    “The institutes were content-rich.”
  • “Absolutely excellent.”
  • “The BEST professional development available to high school (mathematics) teachers. The BEST model with follow-up.” 
  • “[Now]…I help my students to be critical thinkers by asking questions that are of high cognitive demand.  I also engage my students in team work and collaborative activities to help them develop their communicating skills.  In addition, I incorporate technology in my teaching so students can have multiple representations of …concepts.” 

ATC award-winning scholars